In Hide and Seek supports the ‘National Privacy Principles of the handling of Personal Information, which has a clear set of guidelines and standards for the collection, access, storage and use of personal information which In Hide and Seek may obtain during the course of business operations.


The statement below discloses the privacy practices for the entire In Hide and Seek website.  Any questions in relation to this statement should be directed, via email to We respect the privacy of customers and have implemented principles in regards to the management of customer information. The principles listed below were developed with the understanding that technology and the world wide web are continually evolving and these guidelines are subjected to change. In the case of any changes to these principles information changed will be altered.


    During your purchasing process In Hide and Seek collects some personal information. The primary objective in collecting this information is to provide browsers with the most functional web experience possible. In knowing broswer preference, In Hide and Seek will be able to publish information which effectively meets requirements of browsers.


In Hide and Seek will collect; 
- Name and Surname
- Phone numbers
- Email address
- IP address (systems administration and troubleshooting)
- Geographic information (statistic analysis)
- Demographic information (statistic analysis)

The above information is collected for statistical purposes. Software programs may be used to create summary statistics and analysis used for accessing site visitor numbers to certain sections of The information is additionally utilised to gain understanding of what information is of most and least interest, identifying and determining technical design specifications and identifying system performances or problems. Furthermore the information is utilized for delivery, contacting and recognising user access privileges.


Not under any circumstances will In Hide and Seek; 
- Link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable

- Provide any personal information collected to any third party

- Share information collected on In Hide and Seek, in any form with advertisers or any other parties

- Release personal information about individual browsers.

Upon request, In Hide and Seek will remove any subscriber and their personal information for the mailing list. Any requests of this nature should be sent via email to InHideandSeek(at)